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Preventing Cervical and Other Cancers in Women

Many forms of cancer are now curable yet women of color still suffer disproportionately from diseases and conditions that have long since been deemed preventable, treatable and/or curable if diagnosed early by simple, widely available screening tests? In general these treatable conditions in African American women are diagnosed at a latter stage. By the time one has finally gone ... Read more

5 Benefits of Stretching

With our busy lives and hectic schedules, it can be hard to find the time and motivation to exercise and take care of our bodies in the way we should. However, as with other forms of exercise like aerobics and strength training, there are very real benefits to be gained from taking the time to stretch. Take a look at ... Read more

Makeup Bag Essentials for 2012

Cleanout and streamline your makeup bag and stick to these basics. Read more

Wealthy Steps That Begin With $50

The New Year is now here and most of us have resolutions to change and improve aspects of our lives. One major thing that we all can improve on is our finance, so here are 11 steps to a wealthier you that begin with just 50 dollars. Read more

Featured Expert

Featured Expert - David Pryor, MD, Internal Medicine would like to introduce you to this month's featured expert, Dr. David Pryor MPH, MD BWH: Why did you become a medical doctor? Dr. Pryor: As “corny” as it sounds, I decided to become a doctor because I get genuinely like to help people… and I had a love for science (in particular how the human body ... Read more