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Makeup Bag Essentials for 2012

Marcus Geeter Cleanout and streamline your makeup bag and stick to these basics.

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Put on Your Holiday Face

Marcus Geeter The holiday season is fast approaching and many of you are thinking about the fabulous holiday events and family functions you will be attending.

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Overhaul Your Makeup Bag

Marcus Geeter Are you still using the same mascara from last year? When is the correct time to dispose of old makeup and beauty products? It varies from product to product. Here are some helpful hints to follow.

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Accepting Who You Are

We live in a time when accepting who we are can be difficult. Most of us compare ourselves to unrealistic standards set by advertising agencies, movie stars and the lives of the rich and famous.

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Hair and Scalp Dehydration (HSD)

Many African Americans suffer from hair and scalp dehydration during the winter months. Have you ever noticed how dry and “ashy” your hands and feet are in the winter or during whether changes? Well there is a reason for these changes: the air is so dry that moisture is pulled from whatever is moist- in this case your skin, and your hair and scalp are suffering right along with the rest of the body.

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