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The Health Screenings and Preventive Health Practices You Cannot Afford to Miss!

David Pryor, MD The health of African-Americans has improved over the last forty years. Many factors have helped improve our health such as regular medical care, exercise, a healthy diet, and timely screening tests. We need to be aware of these preventative health practices to make sure we are properly screened in order to ensure a healthier future for ourselves and our families. Consult with your doctor or health provider who can help you tailor these summary recommendations to your specific health situation.

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Children's Oral Health Disparities

There is a silent epidemic of oral diseases affecting our most vulnerable citizens: poor children, the elderly, and many members of racial and ethnic minority groups. The report served as a wake-up call against this silence and a call to action for health professionals, policymakers, community leaders, insurance companies, the public and private business.

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