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Put on Your Holiday Face

Marcus Geeter The holiday season is fast approaching and many of you are thinking about the fabulous holiday events and family functions you will be attending.

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A keloid is the term given to the prominent, irregular scar tissue, which sometimes forms after a person has suffered a small cut or a scratch in the skin. Usually, a “bump” appears at the site of the injury. The bump becomes larger and over time a full-blown (and often unsightly) keloid develops. It is important to point out that sometimes keloids develop spontaneously, without injury to the skin.

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Excessive Hair Growth (Hirsutism): What You Should Know

Hirsutism is excessive hair growth that generally occurs in the midline of the body (upper lip, chin, chest, and abdomen). When this is associated with recession of hairline, deepening of the voice, loss of female body shape, and the development of male pattern pubic hair it is called virulism.

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