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The ABC’s of ZZZ’s

Moshe Lewis, MD The Importance of Sleeping Well One of my patients made an amusing observation this week: as infants we sleep most of the time. Children and teens, on the other hand, often want to stay up as long as they can. By the time we enter college, pulling all-nighters by any means necessary is the norm. In adulthood, the shoe is on the other foot; it seems we just can’t find a way or enough time to sleep.  So why is it so difficult for most to get their required amount of sleep? Perhaps our sleep-starvation partly because we forget just how important sleep is to our health and well-being. There is still significant debate about the reasons why we actually need sleep. However, medical science and practical experience have repeatedly demonstrated that in order for sleep to be effective, it must be deep and prolonged.  This is so that the body can proceed properly through the different stages of sleep.

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