Makeup Bag Essentials for 2012

Makeup Bag Essentials for 2012

By: Marcus Geeter on (0 comments)

Happy New Year! 

It’s time to clear out the old and begin anew and that includes cleaning out your makeup bag.

I’ve received so many emails from women wanting to know what basic products should be included in their daily makeup bags.  Here are a few helpful hints.

1.     Spend the most money on a good foundation, however, don’t rule out the drugstore brands.  Good does not always mean expensive.  I love Black Opal, Covergirl Queen Collection, Fashion Fair, and Iman for women of color.

2.     Have a basic black and brown eyeliner pencil in your bag.

3.     An assortment of lip glosses is a must.  Remember you can mix colors together to create different looks.

4.     Add bronze, rose, and russet blush colors to your bag.

5.     Mascara is a must have.  One of my favorites is still Maybelline Great Lash.

6.     A light weight concealer will help you look refreshed and rested.

7.     Brush on brow powder is best for eyebrows.  Brow pencils can sometimes come across heavy and theatrical.

8.     A light weight HD powder is essential to your bag.  I love Dermablend Loose Professional Setting Powder in the Original color.  Also Cinema Secrets is great.   Remember to use only a very small amount of this product to set your foundation.  A little goes a long way.

9.     Bronzer can be used to add a little extra punch to your makeup after powder.

10.  An eye shadow duo or quad in earth tones is the best direction to go.  You can add a little color once you have mastered placement.

You will be able to find an assortment of awesome products with great pricing at Ulta, Sephora, Target and other mass market retailers.  Don’t forget you can find really amazing discounts by shopping on line as well.

Have a beautiful beginning of your year!!

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