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Preventing Cervical and Other Cancers in Women

Andrea Price Many forms of cancer are now curable yet women of color still suffer disproportionately from diseases and conditions that have long since been deemed preventable, treatable and/or curable if diagnosed early by simple, widely available screening tests? In general these treatable conditions in African American women are diagnosed at a latter stage. By the time one has finally gone to a physician and been diagnosed, the condition has often progressed well beyond the point where it is easily treatable.

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The Health Screenings and Preventive Health Practices You Cannot Afford to Miss!

David Pryor, MD The health of African-Americans has improved over the last forty years. Many factors have helped improve our health such as regular medical care, exercise, a healthy diet, and timely screening tests. We need to be aware of these preventative health practices to make sure we are properly screened in order to ensure a healthier future for ourselves and our families. Consult with your doctor or health provider who can help you tailor these summary recommendations to your specific health situation.

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Breast Cancer: Be Ye Not Afraid!

David Pryor, MD In a 2011 survey conducted by, survey responders indicated that one of the main reasons that they are reluctant to complete mammograms is that they are “scared” of finding out the results. The idea is that “no news is good news” and that the more testing and screening that is done will only lead to the doctor finding out “bad” things about my health.

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Breast Cancer: Take the Time to Get Screened Now!

Iris Gibbs, MD When Cassandra Valentine found a lump in her breast at the age of 37, the furthest thought from her mind was that it could be cancer. Luckily, her mother advised her to go to the doctor right away and get it checked out. It turned out that she had a stage III ductal carcinoma which was very aggressive. Although, breast cancer is less common in African American then Caucasian women, it is often discovered at a more deadly stage. Thus it is imperative that all African American women follow the have any suspicious lesions investigated further.

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