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Good for One Good for All

Alicia Stallings Oftentimes when a member of a family or household is diagnosed with a condition that requires dietary and lifestyle changes, everyone in the household makes an effort to ensure that the person with the diagnosis follows the guidelines necessary to maintain their health. However, the commitment to lead a healthier lifestyle oftentimes ends with the individual directly affected by the illness. This may be because other individuals in the household are not interested in making lifestyle adjustments, or it may simply be because it does not occur to those not directly affected that they too may benefit from making changes to their lifestyles too. However, there are many advantages to familial participation in the various medically-based diets. This is particularly true in the case of lifestyle related illnesses---that is, conditions caused by diet, lifestyle and behavior, such as hypertension, heart disease and Type II Diabetes. This is also the case in households where someone is affected by Type I Diabetes.

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Importance Of Staying Active For People With Type 2 Diabetes

David Pryor, MD There is no secret that most Americans need to eat less and move more. But for people with type 2 diabetes, an active lifestyle is especially important for staying healthy and controlling blood sugar levels.

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The Link Between Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

What Is The Link Between Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)? We know that CVD is a major complication and a leading cause of premature death among people with diabetes. Here are some facts that emphasize the link between diabetes and CVD.

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Diabetes in African American Women

David Pryor, MD Maybe it’s your mother, grandmother, father, aunt, brother, sister or even a close friend. Studies have shown that diabetes is 33 percent more common among African Americans than Whites, and that the highest rates are among African American women. You can take steps now to either prevent the onset of diabetes or to better manage the illness if you have already have it.

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Living With Diabetes

Moshe Lewis, MD Maybe you've just been diagnosed and or you've had diabetes for years. When one is trying to exercise, go out with friends, travel and adjust to work, school or the demands of family, diabetes can "get in the way. "But don't worry. We're here to help."

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