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Holiday Cookies: Family and Extended Family Relationships

Alicia Stallings Let’s face it: in today’s day, maintaining close ties with members of your extended and even immediate family can be very difficult. When the reality of intra-family conflict is factored in with the time limitations and far distances that keep us apart, fostering intimacy with family members can be a true challenge. However, regardless of the particular issue, the Holidays are a good time to reconnect. Here are some suggestions for improving the quality of your relationships with family and extended family over the Holiday season.

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Holiday Cookies: Romantic Relationships

Alicia Stallings Between the rich food, warm lighting, and sultry, jazz-inspired music that come with the season, the mood of romance is a natural part of this time of year. So why not take advantage? Here are some suggestions for how to make great cookies with your significant other this time of year.

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Holiday Cookies: Child/Parent Relationships

Alicia Stallings The relationship between parents and their children is one of the most beautiful types of relationships there is. They can be close and very rewarding, and have a profound impact on the way that both parties live and experience life. And while parent-child bonding can be fairly natural, taking the time to foster intimacy can make an already close relationship even stronger. Here are some suggestions for relationship-building activities you can do with your children this Holiday season.

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Holiday Cookies: Adult Child/Parent Relationships

Alicia Stallings As we age and get our own lives and families, we may begin to spend less and less time with our parents. Even though they may not say anything because they know you’re busy, and they do not wish to stress you out, or to seem needy, the fact is that parents want to see the children who they spent decades raising, whether they say it or not. Particularly during the holidays, when memories of the past flow like eggnog, your parents may find themselves missing you. Here are a few suggestions for how you can reach out to your father and mother during the Holidays, which will leave them with a warm feeling to last them the rest of the year:

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Holiday Cookies: Friendships

Alicia Stallings There is a great deal of diversity in the relationships that fall under the category of ‘Friendship.’ Some are extremely intimate, and the involved parties are like sisters and some are casual, in which the involved parties only accompany each other to social activities and entertainment venues. And there are a multitude of other relationship variations that fall along the diverse spectrum of Friendship. But whatever the type of Friendships you have, they require nurturing and investment.

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