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Wealthy Steps That Begin With $50

The New Year is now here and most of us have resolutions to change and improve aspects of our lives. One major thing that we all can improve on is our finance, so here are 11 steps to a wealthier you that begin with just 50 dollars.

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Holiday Cookies: Fostering Intimacy with those you Love during the Holidays

Alicia Stallings The Holiday season is a time to care, share and build memories with friends and loved ones. It is also a time to reconnect with those from whom we have drifted, as well as a time to reach out to those who are new to our lives and families.

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When the Forecast Shows Periods of High Stress and Little Time

Alicia Stallings We’ve all had those times: times when we’re so busy with family obligations or work that we don’t seem to have time to take care of our health. Exercise falls by the wayside and healthy, intentional food choices are replaced with whatever is in the fridge and within hand’s reach. So the question is: what can one do to make sure that her healthy lifestyle doesn’t get shot, even when she has to stay in one spot? The answer my friends, is preparation.

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Accepting Who You Are

We live in a time when accepting who we are can be difficult. Most of us compare ourselves to unrealistic standards set by advertising agencies, movie stars and the lives of the rich and famous.

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Wealthy Woman-Wise Choices

You too can be a wealthy woman. What separates the wealthy woman from the “struggling to make ends meet” woman? It is the choices that the wealthy woman makes regarding her finances. Here are a few wealthy woman choices for you to consider as you handle your money issues.

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