Featured Expert - David Pryor, MD, Internal Medicine

Featured Expert - David Pryor, MD, Internal Medicine

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BlackWomensHealth.com would like to introduce you to this month's featured expert, Dr. David Pryor MPH, MD

BWH:  Why did you become a medical doctor?

Dr. Pryor:  As “corny” as it sounds, I decided to become a doctor because I get genuinely like to help people… and I had a love for science (in particular how the human body works).  I have enjoyed my career thus far and am happy I made the choice of medicine.  I am really a strong proponent of health education and I encourage people to do everything in their power to prevent illness and disease (rather than sitting back and “waiting” to get sick and then seeking care).

BWH:  From your perspective, what are the keys to achieving lasting health and wellness?

Dr. Pryor:  I firmly believe in addressing the health and wellness of the whole person, and that individuals have the power and responsibility to take charge of their own health. I believe that achieving true wellness requires that a person address the following three aspects of their life.

First, I’ve learned from my practice that the mental aspect of health and wellness is vitally important… it is the foundation for wellness and for achieving your personal dreams and aspirations.  I have seen and experienced how such factors as stress and depression make it difficult to practice a healthy lifestyle. When you just don’t feel right, it’s hard to get out there and do right! Building a solid foundation for wellness requires first focusing inward – on your thoughts, frame of mind, and emotional health.

Second, there is not getting around a person’s efforts to make your physical being healthier. Regular exercise and following a balanced diet are key.

Third, I believe that being committed to a higher purpose in life gives you a reason to want to be healthy. Finding a purpose in life leads to increased happiness, it helps you live in an energized state, and it can allow you to accomplish things that once seemed impossible; this supports living a life of true health and wellness.

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